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A community of teachers. We provide our teachers with a web portal that is a gateway to European students who are learning and perfecting English. Teachers and students have access to each other without the restrictions of time zones or physical location. The teacher is in control of scheduling, and free to teach from home or anywhere in the world.

Mission and Goals

We are dedicated to students, to empowering and inspiring them. We believe a better way to teach foreign languages is teaching critical thinking, prompting curiosity, and encouraging creativity. In the end, teachers who have these skills will instil them in students. Our teachers build genuine relationships with students who feel they have a 'real life' American friend.

How TEHESO Does It

Through the web portal, built on a proprietary video conferencing platform, teachers have face-to-face interaction with one student. Our teaching style is upbeat and individualized, designed to engage each student according to personality and pace of learning. Complete immersion in English is the foundation of success for both student and teacher.

4 Reasons to work with TEHESO

At TEHESO we value authentic relationship between teachers and students.
It is about connecting, so that students can confidently announce to others that they have an American friend.

Comfort and Simplicity

TEHESO is a platform designed to allow teachers to teach European students from anywhere they feel most comfortable. Whether stateside in your own home, or on the go in a foreign country, TEHESO gives you the freedom to create your own schedule and teach comfortably.

A Community that Cares

We are building a network that focuses on connection. Connection among teachers, students and the TEHESO support team, so that everyone is aware that they are a valued TEHESO member. Consistent communication among all positions will keep you feeling supported and satisfied.

Opportunity to Advance

TEHESO is a new platform that is going to transform the way students develop their English in Europe. By joining our community now, you have the opportunity to teach as often as you want and increase your pay quickly by recruiting friends to join in the fun.

Designed with you in Mind

The education element of this platform has been created by teachers. It is designed so that educators can do what they are best at with autonomy and comfort from anywhere.


TEHESO is currently looking for teachers for European students.

Credentialed teachers

  • Eligibility to work in the United States of America
  • Eligible Teaching credential from any US state
  • Native English Speaker
Payment $20/hour

Certified teachers

  • Eligibility to work in the United States of America
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in any field
  • TESOL/TEFL or any other Certification
Payment $14 - 18/hour

University Students

  • Eligibility to work in the United States of America
  • Registered in an accredited University
  • Working toward a bachelor's degree
Payment $12/hour

Specialized Consultants

  • Eligibility to work in the United States of America
  • Minimum of a college diploma (BA/BS in Business, Sciences, Tech,)
  • Personable and enthusiastic about helping others develop their English
  • Native English Speaker
Payment $18 - 20/hour

Community Tutors

  • High School Graduate
  • Enthusiastic about helping others develop their English
  • Native English Speaker
Payment $10/hour

Availability to teach at anytime within the following time frame

Time zone Kids Adults
Work days Weekends Work days Weekends
CET 1pm - 7pm 7am - 7pm 6am - 8pm 6am - 8pm
EST 7am - 1pm 1am - 1pm 12pm - 2pm 12pm - 2pm
CST 6am - 12am 12pm - 12am 11pm - 1pm 11pm - 1pm
PST 4am - 10am 10pm - 10am 9pm - 11am 9pm - 11am

Teacher Experiences


Washington, D.C., USA
Master of Teaching English as a Second Language

"TEHESO is a great company with a professional and optimistic vibe! The leadership team has been readily available and quick to respond to questions, tech troubleshooting, and offer helpful tips to improve instructional delivery through the digital platform. The opportunity to work with TEHESO has offered me valuable experience in online teaching, flexibility in scheduling, and awesome connections with fellow teachers and students from around the world."


Niagara Falls, New York, USA
Advanced TESOL Certificate

"Working for TEHESO allows me to live near my family, get to do what I love and be connected to children & adults worldwide. The platform at TEHESO allows me to utilize my skills and gives me the freedom to develop unique lesson plans for each student. The support team is quick to respond to any questions I have before, during or after class. The leadership team constantly proves that they are communicating effectively with myself and the student. I am a proud member of the TEHESO team!"


Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Bachelor in Education specializing in TESOL

"Working at TEHESO is a wonderful opportunity to teach and connect with students from around the world from the comfort of your own home. The company offers flexible scheduling, a supportive team, comprehensive training, and responsive tech support. As a teacher, I love that I can offer students fun and individualized lessons to maximize the student's learning. Teaching online with TEHESO is a rewarding and fun experience!"


Liberal, Kansas USA
Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and Bachelors Degree in Child Development

"TEHESO gives me the opportunity to have a very flexible schedule to teach students from other countries, all from my own home. It has been a wonderful adventure to work with people who are excellent at what they do and genuinely care about both their staff and students. I especially appreciate their quick response to any questions or concerns I have. My students are all very eager and dedicated. Their smiles always make my day. I love working with TEHESO!"


Niagara Falls, New York, USA
Bachelor of Arts in Community Health Sciences - Graduation 2019

"Kideo is an excellent company to work for! They care about their employees and go above and beyond to create a friendly and positive work environment. The management team is supportive and quick to respond when you need them. The students are eager to learn and enjoy the lesson themes provided by Kideo. I'm pleased to be working at Kideo! I've been working with Kideo for two months and I love my students!”

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