Take Your English to The Next Level With Professional American Educators

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Take Your English to The Next Level With Professional American Educators

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A team of real professionals

Professional Teachers

are experienced American educators, holders of masters or bachelors degrees in language education including TESOL, TEFL certificates, or other US-issued, accredited licenses.

Libral, Kansas, USA
Master`s Degree in Education

Specialized Consultants

are Americans educated and experienced in various fields of study, holders of masters or bachelors degrees and ready to help you improve your English through relatable conversation in your field of work.

Niagara Falls, New York, USA
Master`s Degree in Business Administration

Students of Pedagogy

are American University students in the process of becoming licensed educators.

San Antonio, Texas, USA
Student of Elementary Special Pedagogy

Community Tutors

are Americans educated and experienced in various fields of study and ready to help you improve your English through relatable conversation based on your interests and field of work.

Los Angeles, California, USA
Bachelor`s Degree in Behavioral Science

And many more...

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The time slots for our classes are 30 mins, 60 mins and 90 mins.

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What makes us unique

Professional American teachers and world-class mentoring

We have intensive training for teachers and the development of our own educational program, advised by Dr. Michael Carter, world leader in educational technology and former adviser to Steve Jobs at Apple.

Concentrated conversation

Your time is valuable. Don't waste it taking notes. The lecturer will record all new words and phrases in our T-chat. The last 5 minutes of the selected block are always reserved by the lecturer for writing feedback, summarizing the subject matter and assigning your tasks. You will receive this report immediately after the lesson by e-mail.

Simple scheduling

Create your own schedule. Whether you book lessons for your business, family or yourself, you can do everything with a few clicks in our online booking system. The organization of studies has never been easier.

Time saving

Are you tired of commuting? Try studying with Teheso - simply choose the time that suits you and connect with your favorite lecturer at home, on vacation or on a business trip.



When I first noticed your Kideo project - teaching kids with American native speakers, I immediately thought it would be helpful for adults. When this possibility arose, I did not hesitate and immediately tried it. This type of teaching is absolutely ideal for me, I need to talk with and understand native speakers. If I can't remember the right word in the lesson, I have to describe it and look for a way to explain it so the teacher can understand me. These practices move me further in learning the language. Thank you and I wish you a lot of new clients.


This is my second year using Teheso. I have traveled a lot to the US in this past year. Thanks to the lessons with the American teacher Kim, I no longer have a fear of speaking and have gained confidence. I intend to continue studying. I want to take my English to a greater level than just to "make myself understood".


Communicating with a tutor that is a native speaker, has shown me the right way to speak. The teachers are very empathetic and can remotely help with both spoken and written communication (through an auxiliary chat environment). I would recommend learning with Teheso.


This is exactly the "English" I've been waiting for for years. Since I often travel abroad to work with people from all over the world, I prefer to converse with a native speaker. Because of the workload, it is not possible for me to attend language courses. With Teheso I plan the lessons myself according to my time possibilities. I have a fantastic teacher with whom I can have conversations about both everyday topics and work related topics. I definitely recommend working with Teheso.


I went through several language courses with Czech teachers, which did not significantly help me in the language, I was excited about the possibility of conversation with qualified American teachers. I was always afraid to talk, and I kept silent. Embarrassment disappeared during the first lesson. I know my grammar is not perfect, but it's no longer a problem to speak and communicate. The lessons are fun, the lecturer professional, motivating and very friendly. I would recommend learning with Teheso.

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